• WEEKLY RATES: Keep Rental for seven (7) consecutive days and pay only for 3-Day Rental.
  • WEEKEND RENTAL: Pick-up Rental After 1 p.m. on Friday and Return Rental the following Monday before 11 a.m. and pay for 1-Day Rental.


  • Full payment for order is required prior to receipt of equipment.
  • Pro HD Rentals, Inc. will accept a credit card for security when the total replacement value is under $1,000. Any order where the replacement value is over $1,000 requires the New Customer Application and must supply a Certificate of Insurance.
  • Security deposits will be released only after inspection of returned equipment for damage or loss. Please be aware that some banks take several days to release funds.
  • Credit Card First Use: If using a credit card for payment and/or security for the first time, card holder must appear at rental office in person and provide identification with either a valid driver’s license or passport.
  • Pro HD Rentals, Inc. does not accept checks for security deposits.


Valid Driver’s License or Passport (picture I.D.).



Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress. Check cards or debit cards for collateral purposes are not accepted.



When card holder is not present to sign for equipment. We must have a legible photocopy of the card holder’s driver’s license, credit card (front and back) and Pro HD Rentals, Inc.’s

“Terms & Conditions” agreement as well as completed and signed Retal Agreement completed and signed by the card holder in order to rent.



All equipment rentals must be insured. Any client supplying their own insurance must provide us with a certificate of insurance naming Pro HD Rentals, Inc. as additionally insured/loss payee.  We require insurance on all orders valued over $1,000 or credit card to cover deposit.



  • Pro HD Rentals, Inc. must be named the Loss Payee.
  • Coverage must include explicit, miscellaneous equipment, rented equipment, or rented and leased equipment.
  • Policies with Unattended Vehicle Disclaimers will NOT be accepted.
  • All certificates and attached forms are subject to verification and approval by the management before the equipment is released.
  • A credit card is REQUIRED to cover any insurance deductible as well as to guarantee rental payment. (See Credit Card requirements listed above).



Renters will be charged at the day rate on equipment that is lost or stolen until Pro HD Rentals, Inc. is reimbursed for the full replacement cost without depreciation.



Security deposits are required as follows

  • Credit Card deposit for the full replacement value of equipment, or
  • Certificate of Insurance (see certificate of insurance requirements). A credit card is required to cover any deductible and to guarantee payment. For the first time, the card holder must appear in office, and provide I.D.


When the equipment is shipped by Pro HD Rentals, Inc., the minimum billing is two working days. Rentals are shipped with air freight prepaid by the customer on the day of their choice. The equipment is to be returned via prepaid air freight and must be marked for deliver to Pro HD Rentals, Inc. We are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier. In the event of such delays, the renter is still responsible for all transportation and rental charges. If it is critical that the equipment be received by a certain date, we suggest shipping at least 48 hours in advance. NOTE: All equipment is thoroughly tested and operated before shipment. Air handling can be very hard on equipment and totally out of our control. In the event of malfunction, the renter is still responsible for transportation and rental costs.



There is no charge for spare lamps provided that burned-out

bulbs are returned. A charge will be made for missing lamps, broken lamps or filaments, or excessive burnouts.



Please call well in advance to reserve equipment for a future pickup. We cannot guarantee availability on short notice. Failure to cancel your order may result in a full-day rental charge.