Dracast LED 500 Bi-Color Light for Rent in Los Angeles

Dracast LED 500 Bi-Color Light $50 per day


The Plus Series LED 500 from Dracast is uniquely  designed to pack a tremendous amount of punch into the smallest possible professional-grade package.  A full-featured and powerful fixture, the LED 500 is the equivilent of a 325 watt traditional hot light, yet uses just 30 watts in operation.  The CRI of the LED 500 is rated at 95 or above.

The LED 500 is available in 3200K (tungsten), 5600K (daylight) or 3200K - 5600K (bicolor adjustable) color temperatures, meaning that there is an LED500 for every setting.


Each Dracast LED 500 includes an aluminum mounting yoke, a nylon soft carry case, and an A/C adapter.  A full line of accessories is also available including barn doors, batteries, diffusion panels, soft boxes, and hard travel cases.


  • CRI 95
  • Bi-Color
  • Dimmable


One Day Rental Rate:

Dracast LED 500 Bi-Color Light


Dracast LED Bi-Color Lighting