Cooke 14mm S4/i 2.0 Prime Lens for Rent in Los Angeles

Cooke 14mm T2.0 S4/i Prime Lens- $150 per day


Now available for rent in Los Angeles, the 14mm T2.0 S4/i Cine Lens from Cooke features focus scales marked in feet and is one of a set of lightweight companions to Cooke's already established S4/i lenses. The S4i lenses feature an across the board aperture of T2.0.

This prime lens features a PL mount, which makes it compatible with most commonly used professional film and digital cinema cameras. Color-matched to inter cut with other Cooke lenses, this lens combines classic, hand-fitted construction with a linear iris, cam-style focus, and /i Technology.

Product Highlights: 

  • T2.0
  • Super35
  • 225mm / 9" minimum object distance
  • Close Focus 46mm / 2"
  • 110mm front diameter.


One Day Rental Rate for Cooke S4/i 18mm

Cooke 14mm S4/i Lens 2.0


  • 4.8 lb