Cineped Camera Slider for Rent in Los Angeles

Cineped Camera Slider System $250 day / $750 week / $2500 per month

  Smooth slight camera movement guarantees quality of production and enhances production value.

With the Cineped slider, you can produce highly accurate linear movement like side to side, back and forth as well as particular movements or change of directions during a shot. By simply:

– pulling...move away

– pushing...move forward

– sliding...move side to side

– swinging...circular movement around an object

– seamless transition...change of position with continuous movement

Smooth slight camera movement creates more visual depth, deeper emotional feelings, more visual variety than PTZ camera movement (pan, tilt, zoom).

Independent movies, commercials, TV-productions and music videos are using Cineped to create dynamic emphasis with slight moving shots.



  • Supports Center Load up to 450 lbs. 
  • Supports Edge Load up to 85 lbs. 
  • Cineped Rotational Slider 39 lbs. 
  • 3 1/2 ft. Length
  • Height Max 56"
  • height Min 12"
  • Aluminum
  • Quad Legs
  • Mitchell Basic with 100mm and 150mm Adapters
  • Includes Custom Flight Case


One Day Rental Rate:

Cineped Slider