Nikon Nikkor Duclos Cine-Mod 85mm f1.4 Lens for Rent in Los Angeles

Nikon Nikkor Duclos 85mm f/1.4 Lens $40 day / $120 week / $400 per month

This Nikkor 85mm lens has been modified by Duclos Lenses via their Cine-Mod™process making them more useable for motion picture applications. The Cine-Mod consist of three primary parts: A seamless 32-pitch (0.8 module) focus gear, an 80mm front ring with 77mm filter threads, and a de-clicked, damped aperture movement.  This lens has both Nikon and EF mount options.


A fast f/1.4 aperture makes this lens a standout for sports photography and photojournalism. With Nikon's typical attention to details, its aperture has extra blades, enabling the diaphragm shape to be a near-perfect circle. This ensures crisper images and more flattering highlights in the out-of-focus portion of the image.


One Day Rental Rate:

Nikon Nikkor Duclos 85mm f/1.4 Lens