We Are Your Safe Rental House

We have implemented a full range of protocols to keep you safe.  Our facilities have been reconfigured so everyone can safely stay 6 feet apart, everyone is wearing masks, and all of our gear has been sterilized in accordance with the Production Equipment Rental Groups safe return to work standards.  We have even purchased new UV-C Sterilization Cabinets.  These are typically used in laboratories and dental offices, at Pro HD we will be using them to sterilize our gear and protect you. 


We will also work with you to ensure crew safety.  Access to our prep room will be limited and we will deliver your gear to you a day early at no charge if you would like to do an on-set prep.  We are committed to keeping you safe. 


To get a better sense of how committed we are to safety, download our safety guidelines:

PERG Safe Return to Work Guideline
These are the COVID 19 safety guidelines that Pro HD is following
PERG Safe Return to Work Guidelines v2.0
Adobe Acrobat Document 665.7 KB

We Can Help You Design a Safer Production

We have been working with our customers to rethink how to make sets safer in this Covid crazy world.  We have a full range of tools, techniques and equipment to help to reduce the number of camera operators on set, socially distance the crew, facilitate remote production management and even operate cameras remotely over the internet.  Here are some of the things we can help you with:


Basic Remote Camera Operation - all of our cameras can be operated using wireless follow focuses and remote monitors.  These can be used to socially distance the camera operators on set. 


Using Wi-Fi to Take it to the Next Level - All of our camera lines support wi-fi connections.  They either have internal web-servers or apps that allow you to control all camera operations using a laptop or tablet from up to 50 feet away.  Some even have a live view, auto focus and auto sound features that allow a single operator to manage all aspects of digital capture.


Going Remote - Once you have paired a laptop, tablet or chromebook to a camera using wifi we can show you how to use freely available tools from Google and others to control those devices from anywhere in the world over the Internet.  You can literally have full control of a camera in New York from Los Angeles.


Streaming the Video Village -  We can show you how to use free tools and services such as YouTube to securely stream your video village.  Directors, producers and others can manage the set using these tools and simple conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet.  


We have live demos of all these techniques set up in our offices and would be happy to show you what is possible. To set up your demo either call us at (818) 450-1115 or email us at sales@prohdrentals.com and we be happy to help you.  We are excited to get Hollywood back to work.  We are all in this together!

We Have Remote Production Drop Kits

Big set production may not be an option for you right now, but remote production is booming.  We have a full range of high quality, simple to use remote production kits that include 4K cameras, lighting, sound and webcasting options.  These kits can be delivered to you or directly to your set or talent.  


Let us help you get started - Call us today at (818) 450-1115!