RED Epic M available for rent in Los Angeles, Burbank & Hollywood

RED Epic 5K - $600 per day / $1800per week / $6000 per month


The EPIC-M MYSTERIUM-X is a high-performance, DSMC® camera package designed for professional still and motion image acquisition. Capture 5K images from 1-120 fps and take advantage of an arsenal of features such as HDRx, wireless remote control (via REDmote), and modular design – without the burden of dealing with a large, bulky system.


Package includes RED Epic M Body, DSMC Side Dandle, EVF Bomb, Red 5" Touchscreen, RED Mote, Top Handle and Quick release, 12" dovetail, (4) RV batt w/ charger,(2) 128GB SSD Card w/ SSD Reader, EVF cable, Screen cable, Synch Cable and custom case.


RED Epic M One Day Rental Rate:

RED Epic-M Mysterium X (EF or PL Mount)


RED Epic M Test Footage

RED Epic Operators Guide
RED Epic Operators Guide 4.0.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 20.9 MB