Dracast LED 2000 2x3 Bi-Color LED Light for Rent in Los Angeles

Dracast LED 2000 2x3 Bi-Color LED Light $150 day / $450 week / $1500 per month


The LED2000 is being heavily adopted as a new standard piece of equipment in production facilities worldwide. With a power consumption of just 130W and an equivalent output of 1300W, studios are turning to Dracast as a means of energy cost savings while maintaing high light quality and output. 


The LED2000 is a professional grade, studio ready light fixture available in either single color (1 channel DMX) or bi-color (2 channel DMX) models. Both are rated consistently at 95 CRI with zero detectable flicker, giving your studio production perfect lighting, each and every time.


  • CRI 95


One Day Rental Rate:

Dracast LED2000 2x3 Bi-Color LED Light


Dracast shows how to use the 2x3 lighting for studio set ups