RedRock Follow Focus for Rent in Los Angeles

Redrock Micro Follow Focus $40 day / $120 week / $400 per month

The Redrock microFollowFocus Black with a 0.8 film pitch drive gear allows you to pull focus of still and cinema lenses. The follow focus includes a backlash dial that enhances the precision of focusing. The integrated hard stops with easy begin/end setups enable fast repeatable racking between 2 focus points, thus achieving perfect focus on lenses without hard stops. A moveable focus indicator allows you to pull focus from any place on the camera while maintaining view of focus indicator and focus wheel. The focus indicator has been redesigned for enhanced durability.


The 3D marking disk allows you to view your focus marks from many angles. You can use the marking disc in low-light conditions using an optional flare, which offers a glow and illuminates the marking disc. 


One Day Rental Rate:

Redrock Micro Follow Focus