Rokinon Xeen Cinema Lenses for Rent in Los Angeles

Rokinon's newly releaased Xeen lenses are complete cinema lenses that will be right at home on a feature film set. This is not just a re-housing of the CineDS line of cinema lenses. Currently there are four lenses available in a matched set of a 24mm, a 35mm, a 50mm and an 85mm. 14mm and 135mm focal lengths are expected to be available soon.


The lenses are housed with a 114mm front diameter and they look just like you would expect high-end cinema lenses to look, with dual focus and iris scales, and a solid mechanical feel. Yet there is more going on, because these lenses cover full-frame sensors and are suitable for 4K+ capture. All three lenses are T1.5 and solidly built. Usually fast lenses require a lot of glass, making them heavy, but these lenses are considerably lighter than you'd expect them to be. Yet they're made with all-metal bodies (not plastic) and they are built with a lot of attention to detail.


We have the following lenses available for rent: